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Build stronger relationships with your audience by accepting payments from around the world in exchange for your content.

What can checkitin.bio do for you?

Turn your audience into loyal, paying followers with our seamless experience and moentization tools.

Engage with your audience

Connect with your audience with all the links and content in one place!

Easy management

Promoting your products or services or delivering a masterclass. We handle scheduling, payments, and privacy protection so you don’t have to.

Ka-ching, your way

Set your own rates and earn revenue through content, events, subscriptions, and even donations.


Don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you covered.

Our Creator Community aims to support creators. We want to provide creators with the mentoring, the resources, and the platform they need to grow their audience and connect with limitless possibilities.

  • 8 week bootcamp created by Vyshnavi, Head of Community at Check it in.
  • AMA(Ask Me Anything) with expert creators across the world.
  • Creator-to-creator networking and more…


As you like it!



Now create the best version of yourself online today!


  • Your own Checkitin.bio link
  • Unlimited Links – animate them, add icons
  • Customizable backgrounds with images and videos
  • Embed Social Media feed – Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook and many more
  • Video Blocks  – Youtube, TikTok, Vimeo and Twitch videos.
  • Audio Blocks – Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Anchor FM

Earn Money

  • A digital store 
  • Take Requests 
  • Accept donations 
  • Sell Events & Master Class tickets
  • 9% commission rate


  • 180 days retention
  • Track your page views
  • Track your link clicks and click through rates
  • View historical charts of all your analytics

Creator Plus


Take things to the next level and own the internet. #TimeIsNow.

Everything in creator plan and

Pro Move!

  • Up to 3 extra pages
  • Marketing integrations (SEO, Ad pixels)
  • We take 0% commission on any of your sales (3% Payment Gateway Fee)
  • Advanced analytics
  • Remove Checkitin.bio branding

More Power

  • Email/SMS integration with zapier
  • Priority support
  • Your own custom domain (+favicon, ssl certificate)
  • 365 days analytics retention


How it works?

Create the fully-customizable layout that suit your needs using no-code, drag and drop builder. With over 40+ blocks to showcase your content.

Sell Digital Products

Sell e-books, photography, digital arts, NFT, guides and pdfs.

Host Events & Masterclass

Host live events, masterclasses, recorded videos, or hosted events.

Coaching & Consultation

Charge for any coaching or consultations that you do. (Cause we believe a little charge with barter only makes creators feel more loved)

Integrated Payments

Trouble collecting payments? With integrated payment solutions collect payments, receive a tip or donations from your fans.

Lead management

Collect email and phone number seamlessly through forms.

Embed Social Media

Easily embed all your social media links right from Instagram, Youtube, Tik-Tok, Spotify, Twitch and many more…